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Analytics & Visualisation

Transform your firm with powerful insights

Connect to any data source

Import data from files, feeds, databases such as Intapp, Elite 3E, Aderant and BigHand, and data providers such as BvD, DnB.

Visual Analysis

Visually analyse your data and build insightful reports and dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface.

Embedded Analytics

Get a powerful Power BI reporting tool in your own brand name embedded within your own product, application, portal, or website.

Out of the box key metrics

Simple to use, click and apply pre-built analytical functions. Easy to use, with an extensive library of functions to extract business metrics from your data

Publishing and embedding

Publish reports and make them accessible to users. Embed reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs and applications for wider consumption

Access on the Go

Access and interact with the reports and dashboards, on-the-move, from your iOS and Android-powered mobile devices


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