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Intapp & Elite 3E Consultants

Best in the industry

Intapp provides software and services that enable law firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability and driving client success. Our experienced consultants at Legalytics, specialise in providing professional and technology services to help the firm to learn, customise and implement Intapp products.

We collaborate with the firm to achieve greater value out of the investment by designing the solution that aligns with firm’s business strategy and operational model. Our consultant has hands on experience in implementing Intapp Open, Intapp Flow,  Intapp Walls, Intapp Integrate and Intapp Terms.

Firm need technology that helps to improve performance across all critical processes in the firm. Elite 3E does just that, while giving the flexibility needed to provide superior customer service. With its powerful capabilities, in-depth analytics, and complete mobility, 3E can drive greater efficiency across the firm and offer better visibility into how the business is performing. Our consultants work with the firm to streamline the software implementation, technical consulting, custom development, architecture design, data conversion, system configuration and training.

Unique offering from Legalytics is the cross-platform solution that helps the firm to leverage the best of the breed functionality across Intapp and Elite products.


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