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Legalytics is an innovative provider of lawyer friendly web applications, bespoke consulting services and BI analytics solution that enables law firm to offer quality service to the clients and improve business performance. Legalytics simplifies the management of systems by offering all data in one place. We integrate with the technological solutions that lawyers rely on the most. We help lawyers access their information quickly and accurately. Legalytics provides data driven legal solutions, master data management, enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence solutions and artificial intelligence solution.


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Legalytics offers a holistic solution to every legal firm’s problems. We understand that lawyers want to spend more time practicing law and less time being bogged down by unsynchronised business systems. It is typical for legal firms to manage several clients at any one time. With each client comes an array of different software systems, managing various aspects of the firm’s business, which have to be integrated with one another. Legalytics eases the agony of law firms by presenting an integrated, all-inclusive, user-friendly solution.

Legalytics is an innovative product that was built ground up to address real problem faced by every lawyer in the firm.

At Legalytics, our clients come first. That has led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs and achieve the goals of our customers.

Our investment in innovation is helping firms address the Future of Work—providing solutions for an environment being reshaped by globalization, virtualization, a millennial mindset and evolving technologies such as machine learning, mobile communications, big data analytics and cloud computing.

We specialize in legal industry products such as Intapp, Elite 3E, Aderant Expert and BigHand, which enables us to offer best service to the firm.


Leverage our legal and IT expertise

Reimagine your business with a hands-on partner to help you define, design, and deliver results. No matter what business challenge you confront, we are committed to leveraging capabilities that target a broad range of requirements to improve operational performance.


Work with industry’s most experienced and respected team of technology professionals. You can better prepare for and adapt to high-speed change, safeguard the integrity of your core IT and roll out Intapp and/or Elite 3E products by utilising our expertise.


We understand how to manage the complexities of large programs—and when to let you focus on running the business. We help firms drive business transformation by providing industry-leading program management consulting services, methods and tools. You can rely on us to help you turn a well-crafted strategy into a well-executed plan.


We specialise in bespoke design and support that suits the law firm. Our focus is on enabling the firm to get the best business value from technology by: Developing an architecture design that matches technology capability, cost and agility to your business strategy


We help law firms in adopting DevOps by leveraging our DevOps based services. With our DevOps solutions, software developers, administrators, quality assurance and operations professionals collaborate early and often to anticipate potential problems and proactively incorporate feedback throughout the development cycle.

Our Solutions

Data-Driven Legal Solutions

We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our solutions and firm’s requirement, until both meets. For us, innovation is a quest for a firm’s problem that is as yet unarticulated, or finding that surprisingly innovative way to execute a solution to a known problem.



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